*Please note, animals need to be put up on day of delivery.** For more information please see our DELIVERY page!** Orders must be placed by 12 noon of day before delivery, no later.



Monday: SR-31, Punta Gorda, Arcadia.

Tuesday: North Fort Myers, Cape Coral. 

Wednesday: Alva, Buckingham, LaBelle, Ortona. 

Thursday: South Fort Myers 

Friday: Naples, Bonita Springs 

 $50 delivery minimum.

 $20 base delivery fee plus a 50¢ per mile *one way* fuel surcharge! 

**Animals MUST be put up or stalled. If they cannot be stalled or moved away from delivery site, please have someone available to keep animals at bay. If no one is available and animals are not put up, delivery will be skipped.**
To place an order or get on our regulated schedule, please check out our delivery schedule and place your order 24-48+ hours in advance to ensure delivery ability. 
Victoria@candcfeedstore.com or 239-543-2904 Store Phone